About ESN

ESN is a social network especially conceived for businesses that provides users with a high level of interaction. Its objective is exchanging information in a simple, rapid and interactive manner.

The ESN is accessed through personal invitation and a registration procedure; users access the platform by means of their personal, password-protected profile.

ESN User Groups also make it possible to create virtual aggregation spaces. The contents of each group can only be viewed by users who have been invited to join the group by network administrators.

Status Updates

Using a simple text box and the “publish” button, users can share comments, pictures, documents and receive immediate feedback from colleagues.


ESN also features a personal blog, for publishing information of public interest and creating a personal news stream available to all Network participants.


Another useful professional tool is the survey function, which makes it possible to research user preferences in relation to specific topics brought to their attention.


The Events section makes it possible to create and schedule business agendas and meetings, simply and rapidly.

The events created are visible to all users on the network, who can, in turn, choose to join them and comment on them.

The events are geolocalized through Google Maps ®, making it simple for each participant to reach the meeting location.

Digital Archive

A unique space for all your documents

The heart of ESN is in its Digital Archive, a unique virtual space that is automatically managed by the platform containing all the files uploaded by each user over time.

The archive is accessed easily and intuitively through a dedicated section; a choice of search filters makes it possible to view and download documents by type (file or image) or by reference user group.

Full text search

Never lose anything again!

This feature enables users to search all sections of the platform; the results will be automatically grouped according to the content type found.

In order to ensure the utmost efficiency, the Full Text Search function locates complex results by searching for terms in all the archived files.

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